Your child is greatly benefited through extracurricular activities. They help shape his/her personality while unearthing new skills and talents alike.

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Should you as a parent encourage your child to participate in a fun kids activity online? The answer is a resounding YES! Extracurricular activities can actually enhance mental development and cognitive growth of your little one while giving them an outlet to express themselves and give vent to pent-up desires, emotions and skills. Nowadays, there are several options available for parents in the form of online hobby classes from platforms like Yellow Class. Extracurricular activities are extra additions to the mainstream curriculum. They can actually enhance overall learning, by providing children an outlet to perform and participate in activities like dance, sports, art and crafts, theater, debates, cooking and a lot more.

Extracurricular activities provide ample opportunities to students for excelling in fields which are not directly linked to academics. These will go a long way towards enhancing the confidence of students and help in reducing anxiety that is caused due to academic demands. Activities outside of the curriculum will help in giving children an outlet for creative expression while also giving wings to their imagination. Activities outside of regular routines will also help children socialize with like-minded peers and build new friendships.

Here are some of the other benefits arising from participation in extracurricular activities:

  1. Offers much needed relaxation- Children should engage more in extracurricular activities and hobbies for enjoying a much needed break from their studies while subconsciously enhancing their abilities to retain information and knowledge. This will help them get a break from their regular school work and routines.
  2. Builds thinking skills- When children start learning only through books, it does not quite lead to thinking skills being developed in turn. Extracurricular activities encourage kids to develop skills of deep and critical thinking, particularly when they have to face numerous challenges and have to find sustainable solutions in those scenarios. Children start applying their knowledge to real life situations while also learning how to find solutions in turn.
  3. Builds social skills- Children who are participating in extracurricular activities will naturally get more opportunities to meet likeminded peers, break social and communication barriers and build healthy friendships by dint of the same. Simultaneously, they respect the value of team work and learn how to accomplish projects together.
  4. Enhances self confidence- Children like being recognized or appreciated for their skills or something they have done. Extracurricular activities naturally help them pick up new skills and boost their confidence likewise.
  5. Find hidden talents- Children can discover their own hidden talents and special abilities with the help of extracurricular activities. The more they participate, the more they find out what they are actually good at.

It is thus vital to include extracurricular activities along with academic course for children, with a view towards helping them get an outlet for creative and self expression and also broaden their perspectives towards the world.


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