About Me

I am an Author, Blogger and YouTuber. I have an affection for fiction and poetry and I write in English, Hindi and Bengali languages.. My stories are mostly inspired by my surroundings and what I keenly observe. Some of them are also based on true incidents and social issues. I want people to remember me for spreading positivity either through my words or deeds. I also try to highlight social issues through my writing and do my bit to make it a better place to live. The views and opinions expressed through my blog are my personal thoughts.

I am hugely passionate about my YouTube channel. I was introduced to music at an early age and learnt playing a Harmonium. I am trained in Classical music, Rabindra Sangeet and Nazrul Geeti. Through my YouTube channel I have kept my passion for music alive. Apart from music, you would also find me reciting my poetry, storytelling, vlogs and sharing tutorial videos on art, craft and DIY (Do It Yourself).

I have a knack of recycling and reusing household items and create decorative and valuable things. I have created many such DIY tutorial videos which you will find in my YouTube channel and the detailed step by step procedures in the DIY category. Why to waste a thing when you can turn it into something stunning.

I worked as an HR for Infosys before taking a break from the corporate world. Currently, my kids leave no stone unturned to keep me on my toes and the little time I get from them is spent in following my passion.

My website is my own creative space where I feel at home. I dream to make it big and your support will play a crucial role in it. If you appreciate what I do, you can show your support by subscribing to my website and Youtube channel. I would love to interact with you through the comments and if you want to discuss anything regarding work you can send an email to info@rashiroy.com

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