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“In Another Life”

Like a lonely sunflower
I keep looking for my sun,
Anxiously searching everywhere
I wither when I find none

Is it sadness, anger, remorse,
or an unimaginable shock?
I crumble without the one
Who taught me to walk

You carried me all night
So I could get some sleep,
Life has stopped without you
I hide myself and weep

I haven’t stopped crying
Since the day you went away,
I have lost all my zest
I find no hope in a new day

Your presence gave me strength
Your words wiped away my tears,
Stranded in a storm without you
Now, I live with a constant fear

You were my joy, my confidence
My friend, my love, my lifeline,
Without you dear daddy
Your little girl can no longer shine

You ran behind my cycle
To hold me when I fall,
I can’t find you anymore
You don’t answer my calls

I want to write you a letter
And sing your favorite song,
There’s so much more I want to do
But you are suddenly gone

I wish there’s another world
Where I’ll sit with you forever,
Talking endlessly on everything
Sipping our favorite tea together

I look up at the stars
Clueless which one is you,
I secretly make a wish
So I can quickly meet you

I hope there’s another life
Where I’ll again find you,
YOU will live forever
Without ever bidding adieu

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28 thoughts on “In Another Life

  1. An emotional poem, filled with father-daughter love. I’m sure your dad is missing you too.
    All the songs you play and words you weave are reaching him and he is sure blessing them too.

  2. A girls first love is always her Dad and your poem made me place a call to mine. Life’s greatest blessing and treasure are our parents and your poem captured your bond with your dad so beautifully. Where ever he is, I’m sure he’s looking down at you with pride and a big smile

  3. Can feel the pain and longing to meet him again…an emotional piece with an overwhelming grief in every inch of it…may you be blessed to overcome that grief, I know it’s difficult though Rashi

  4. I so feel you in this poem. Such a heartfelt poem, i remembered my dad who too left without a goodbye. You wove the words so well

  5. A big, tight hug to you, my friend! Though we can say a lot of words, I just want to say that every grief, every personal loss is purely different from one another. We all feel pain differently and sometimes it is best to feel it so as to be able to endure it. I wish you all my best wishes and I am sure, he is there around you always protecting his little princess and smiling whenever you are happy. Best regards to you. I am speechless because this poem is as beautiful as it can ever be!

  6. Touching poem, Rashi.
    Yes, we terribly miss & secretly wish to meet our loved ones.
    Wherever they are, their blessings and memories are with us.
    We will surely meet them in our next life. There is rebirth and souls do meet.
    Do wish- your last 2 lines were true & we’d never have to bid adieu…

  7. What an emotional post. I can relate to it in so many ways. I wish these words would reach him. His love and his blessings are always there. Keep the amazing work going. Thank you so much for being a part of the #UMeUBlogHop.

  8. You made me emotional with your heart-touching well-versed poetry. I am sure Uncle must be reading this and feeling so proud of his darling daughter. the line, “Now, I live with a constant fear” is so relatable, dwelling in the same zone. The only love that comes without any condition is “Parent’s Love”. I can feel you, dear!

  9. I loved your straight from the heart composition sweetie, from the first line I had a premonition it was for your parent for I know the pain, my love, your pure unadulterated emotions just flew out, lots of love and hugs

  10. Oh dear Rashi I wish I could give you a hug which wasn’t virtual after reading your poem. But you know what, which ever star he is…. even if you can’t find him he can find you and see you dear. And I am sure he is ready there with his cup of tea waiting eagerly for you to share it with him from where you are. So put on that cheerful smile of yours that your father adored of his dear little girl and go share that cup of tea with him.

  11. A big hug to you. I can see and feel the pain but somewhere I feel it has made you a stronger person and that’s what every parent want to see their child. Father daughter bond and love is irreplaceable.

  12. Woah!! Loved every single line you penned especially this one –

    l look up at the stars
    Clueless which one is you,
    This took troll on my sentiments
    Rashi am completely in awe❤ reading the write-up.
    Stay blessed

  13. Such an emotional poem Rashi.
    “You ran behind my cycle
    To hold me when I fall,
    I can’t find you anymore
    You don’t answer my calls”

    These lines made me cry. Lots and love and hugs. Stay strong dear.

  14. Amazing emotional piece… no one can take place of parents… innumerable memories with them of them…. The title got me hooked right away and then the poem…. Treat for an emotional poetry lover

  15. I cried while reading this. I lost my father last year and because of COVID19 lockdown, I could not attend his funeral in Pune. Not being able to say goodbye was the hardest experience of my life. Truly, dads are so special. Thank you for writing this poem, it healed some part of me on some level.

  16. Hugs, Rashi. The void is never filled. Time can’t heal and suddenly after they are gone, we keep remembering their fav food, song, place, dress, every single thing and the void never fills.
    Lost my maa-in-law six months ago. We still had many more laughs to share, events to organize and what not.

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