The most difficult thing to do during this pandemic was to stay home, especially with kids. Children missed their outdoor playtime, school and even the frequent visits to their grand parents or relatives was completely stopped. In such a situation I did my bit to encourage the #StayHome initiative and came up with a series with my kids that was loved by one and all.

Being a mother myself, I could very well relate to the difficulties other parents were facing. I wanted to make their life a little easy by creating videos on how to keep their kids engaged at home and spend quality time with them doing fun activities with some learning too. Kids loved the videos and their parents thanked me for sharing new ideas with them and keeping their children happy and entertained.

I jumped with joy when YouTube itself replied to my video out of lakhs of stay home videos that were uploaded during the lockdown. It was highly encouraging and I was happy to see my parenting efforts being appreciated on such a huge platform. You can read the details of the series here – “Fun Time with Kids”

One such episode was on fitness where we are showing easy A-Z of exercising for kids. The video features my son and daughter who are sharing their daily fitness regime in a fun way. This idea came to my mind when I saw them imitate my yoga poses. To make exercising more entertaining, I made a list of A-Z of yoga poses and stretching exercises that kids can do easily on their own, like A for Aeroplane, B for Butterfly, C for Cobra and so on.

Exercise has loads of benefits not just for adults but for children too. Through this video I want to show how you can start building the healthy habit of exercising at an young age. It helps in the growth and development of your children. Builds healthy bones, muscle, heart and lungs. Improves concentration and reduces the risk of child obesity.


This video was very well appreciated by parents as it requires no supervision at all. Kids can watch the video and follow the steps on their own. It would keep them engaged and moms and dads can enjoy a cup of coffee while their kids are getting fitter and healthier.

I also made the video attractive by adding vibrant colors and emojis to it as I knew my audience here is the young ones. My efforts were paid off when parents said their kids enjoyed doing all the exercises and are watching the video on a repeat mode!

Behind the scenes, we had absolute fun and thoroughly enjoyed making the video. Hope it helps in inculcating the healthy habit of exercising and our children benefit out of it.

Both my children were excited to be a part of my YouTube channel and it helped us spend the lockdown days in the most beautiful and creative way.

It’s a sincere request to watch the video to get a better understanding of this post.

Stay fit. Stay Healthy. Stay Home

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