There are days when we feel like doing nothing at all. There are days when we miss someone so terribly that we want to run away from where we are. Sometimes it becomes difficult to answer your questions. Sometimes there’s no answer at all. We all go through such emotional turmoil. Some feelings remain buried deep into our hearts forever. Sometimes you fail to understand yourself.


What happens in the absence of someone? When you want to be with someone but you can’t make it happen. The yearning, the loneliness, the distance at times becomes unbearable. Some keep going and some give up.


This year for Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa campaign, I am coming up with 8 Hindi poems that all fall under the theme “विरह” (Virah)


My Friend Alexa has always been one of my favourite campaigns and I make it a point to participate in it with full vigour. Over the years I have made wonderful friends through this campaign and this year too am eager to read new blogs. It’s exciting to see how the Alexa rank starts dropping with each post you write and by the end of the month you might even emerge as the “Biggest Loser” and eventually win the campaign!


If you are visiting my blog for the first time, I would love to see you subscribe and read all the 8 poems that I’ll be sharing this October. I always find poetry to be the best form of expressing your feelings. You’ll find many such poems on this blog and along with that I love writing fiction, share my recycled craft ideas, play music and make videos for my YouTube channel too.


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39 thoughts on “Theme for #MyFriendAlexa 2020”

  1. Lovely thing to have decided to write poems.
    I hope I can use this My Friend Alexa to brush up my Hindi as well. 😃
    Never read Hindi poems apart from reading from my school textbooks.

  2. Yes Rashi, I can feel that emotional turmoil when you actually want to meet someone very close and you can’t. A few weeks before I saw my favourite uncle in my dreams and wanted to meet him as soon as I got up. The irony was that he’s no more. I felt so restless and cried for so long feeling uncomfortable. It took me sometime to come out and feel the present.

  3. This is a wonderful theme Rashi. I really like your poetry in general and I’m sure your Hindi pieces will be beautifully received as well. I’m not too comfortable reading Hindi but I will go through them to the best of my ability!

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