I am absolutely thrilled to be selected as the Top 100 Finalists for the Global Book Community Awards 2020 by Qwerty Thoughts. The contest has moved to Round 2 where it is now open for public voting.


If you are reading this, I would request you to VOTE for me in the below link-

Click here – Vote Now

To vote, click the link, login with your Facebook or Google account, scroll down and click the “Vote Now” button.  Make sure you click the “Vote Now” button even if you are clicking the “Join” button.


With all your love and support I have crossed 1K votes till now and your votes will help me win.  Every vote is precious and with every single vote am getting a step closer to this prestigious award. Looking at the immense support we are receiving from the community, the organizers have decided to surprise every single voter. Yes! That’s really exciting and I believe that’s a wonderful way of thanking everyone who has voted.


This is for my YouTube show “Razzmatazz with Rashi” where I invite people, mostly authors and we introduce a new book in every episode. Recently we celebrated the 50th episode of this show and have successfully completed 2 Seasons. The journey so far has been a rewarding one and I wish to make the show bigger and better in the near future and keep adding value to the book community.


This award would be an award to all the hard work that has gone behind creating this platform. Looking forward to your continuous support.


Keep Voting!

Voting ends on 31st Aug at 11:59 hrs GMT

If you have already voted please ask your friends and family members to vote too.


The finalists would be declared on 12th Sept. Fingers crossed till then.


Wish me luck 🙂

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