The most difficult thing to do during this pandemic was to stay home, especially with kids. Children missed their outdoor playtime, school and even the frequent visits to their grand parents or relatives was completely stopped. In such a situation I did my bit to encourage the #StayHome initiative and came up with a series with my kids that was loved by one and all.


Being a mother myself, I could very well relate to the difficulties other parents were facing. I wanted to make their life a little easy by creating videos on how to keep their kids engaged at home and spend quality time with them doing fun activities with some learning too. Kids loved the videos and their parents thanked me for sharing new ideas with them and keeping their children happy and entertained.

I jumped with joy when YouTube itself replied to my video out of lakhs of stay home videos that were uploaded during the lockdown. It was highly encouraging and I was happy to see my parenting efforts being appreciated on such a huge platform.

Find below the links to all the episodes along with a snippet of what each video is about. Hope you and your children enjoy the videos and also try the activities at home.


Introduction Video – “Fun Time with Kids” is a series on my YouTube channel which has 10 videos and each of them share different activities that you can do with your kids at home.


Cooking – In the very first episode Vyan shows how to make a sandwich. It’s flameless cooking that kids can try all by themselves.


Toy – Next, with a little help, he shows how to make your own toy! In a situation where buying new toys was out of question, this video came as a respite to many.


Game – You can engage your kids in a sorting game which is not just fun but also helps in fine motor development, hand-eye coordination, problem solving and classification. They love playing it for a long time.


Fitness – In this cute video both my son and daughter show A-Z of Exercise. It’s super fun with kids and they can watch the video and exercise daily without any supervision.


Gardening – It’s a great physical development activity, aids locomotor skills, boosts eye sight, improves hand strength, reduces risk of obesity, teaches patience and get fresh air and sunlight. This is how they begin to love nature.


Recycle Craft – In this video we show how to recycle old boxes to a brand new desk organizer. Kids love to decorate it and use it to keep their books and stationery in it.


Household Chores – Kids love helping elders in their daily chores. Include them in some easy tasks and gradually it’ll become a habit which will help them in the long run. It teaches them cleanliness, patience, discipline, keeps them fit and encourages good habits. Watch the video to see what all chores kids can do happily.


Decorative Craft – In this video I have shown how to make 5 different types of paper flowers. They are easy to make and kids can try doing them too. You can use these everlasting flowers to decorate your home for any occasion.


Origami – This video shows how to make a paper bunny! It’s easy and fun to make bunnies and kids love it. They spent hours making and playing with the cute little bunnies. You can also use them as pencil toppers and make their writing time entertaining.


Both my children were excited to be a part of my YouTube channel and it helped us spend the lockdown days in the most beautiful and creative way.

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