Welcome to  “Razzmatazz with Rashi” 

I am extremely happy to share that my YouTube show is going to begin soon.


Through this show, you will be introduced to people from various backgrounds and listen to their interesting stories. Being a storyteller myself, I always wanted to do this, to create a platform where people can come and take us to a different world. A world of truth, fiction, awareness and entertainment.


How is it different from other talk shows?

Yes, it is. The guests would get the opportunity to speak to their audience from the comfort of their homes. The show is conceptualized in a way that time and distance will not bar anyone from coming to my show. If you are still wondering what’s going to happen, just wait for the show to begin.


Who would be the guests?

People from different fraternity, artists, professionals, homemakers and You. Yes, if you have a story that you wish to share, your journey, the success and failures, learnings and tips, this is the platform for you. I would be happy to have you as my guest. Contact me here – razzmatazzwithrashi@gmail.com


The first guest-list is a special one. They are different yet they have one thing in common. The background work has already begun and my next post will be all about it.



Very soon.



On my YouTube channel – www.youtube.com/c/rashiroy


What do you have to do?

SUBSCRIBE to be the first one to get notified for all the episodes.



The show will come up with various contests both for the guests as well as the viewers. Keep watching the episodes and you might just win a hamper!

Am delighted to share that “Expert Physio” (www.expertphysio.in) is the official sponsor for all the gifts.


Hope you are as excited as I am.


Drop a comment with your ideas, suggestions, thoughts and lots and lots of best wishes. Yes, I need them for this new venture. I would love to connect with all of you and will try my best to incorporate your ideas in the upcoming episodes.


Stay tuned till I come up with the next post.












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