Bunnies are cute, isn’t it? How about making a Bunny all by yourself!

Things Required to make a paper bunny-

  1. Paper
  2. Color Pens
  3. Celotape or Glue

Steps to follow –

Step 1 – Fold a piece of paper to mark a centre point. Fold both the ends as shown

Step 2 – Fold the loose ends as triangles

Step 3 – Further fold the ends to give a shape of a diamond

Step 4 – Turn the paper on the other side

Step 5 – Fold the loose triangle on the top of the cone

Step 6 – Fold to touch both the ends

Step 7 – Place a finger or a pencil and stick the two ends with a celotape or glue.

Step 8 – Fold the ears and open the mouth!

Step 9 – Use color pens to make the face and ears of the Bunny

Your cute little Bunny is ready. You can place it on your finger when playing and on your pencil while studying.

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Watch the full video tutorial here

If you are interested in making a Flying Rocket, you can click here – https://youtu.be/xNnmRvb5mk8


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