This is my second year as a mentor in the very exciting campaign of Blogchatter – Ebook Carnival. As the name suggests, it is no less than a carnival. If you wish to become an author, don’t miss this opportunity. Blogchatter team and all the mentors are here to help you take the plunge and make your dream come true.


I have published two ebooks in this carnival, “The Color Love” a collection of my short stories and “Mansa” a collection of my Hindi poems. The entire experience was an exhilarating one, from compiling my work, editing, formatting, designing the book cover and finally presenting it to the world as an author. Later, I also listed my book on Goodreads and Amazon through KDP.


Here are a few important points that I would like to share from my personal experience of publishing a book –


  1. There are many writing tools to help you convert your content to a book. However, I chose the simplest one, compiled my work in MS Word and later converted it to a PDF.
  2. It’s your book, you can edit it as many times you wish. Add, delete or change the contents until you are satisfied with it.
  3. Grammar – please pay attention to this. In a hurry, you might end up with a spelling mistake or a grammatical error but your readers/reviewers will definitely notice it. Make all the corrections before you convert it to a PDF. I used MS Word spellcheck and Grammarly for the basic checks.
  4. Page numbers – add them as a footer and ensure each chapter begins from a fresh page. Also, end the chapters in a way so that just one sentence doesn’t move to a new page. You can edit your content likewise.
  5. Table of Content / Index – remember to add page numbers to your chapters. You can also link them so that readers can directly open the chapter they want.
  6. Make an attractive book cover. You can keep it simple, colourful, with/without pictures based on the content of your book. Just remember, the cover is the first thing anyone will notice. I designed my book cover with the help of Canva.
  7. Book blurb – prepare a synopsis of your book. In maybe 5-6 lines talk about what the book is all about. This is what the readers will read before they pick up your book. Make it interesting.
  8. Acknowledgements – show some gratitude, thank anyone and everyone who helped you create this book and make your dream come true. You can also dedicate your first book to a loved one.
  9. Author bio – you can add this on the back cover. Readers would love to know more about you. You can also add your picture and social media links where they can connect with you.
  10. Copyright © – don’t forget to add this, it’s your work and you have the right to it. Maybe just a line but it’s important to mention to avoid any misuse of your work.


It’s a lot of hard work, have patience, take a break, come back & re-read your book before sending the final copy. The result is going to be awesome.

The carnival doesn’t end here! You now need to promote your book. Talk about your book, make teasers, videos, roleplays, read an excerpt from the book, go Live from your social media handles, enjoy the limelight and bask in the glory of an author.


Watch my book teaser and roleplay here

You can read my book here –


I can’t thank Blogchatter enough for guiding me throughout and boosting my confidence. The book was then available for reading and I received some wonderful reviews.

Be a part of Blogchatter’s eBook Carnival and your journey to becoming an author would be full of fun and pride.

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  1. I loved the way you simplified the process maybe in the near future I may go in for it. Will read your book and get an insight

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