I was in my office when I got a call from him, “Mom wants to meet you.” He sounded anxious.


“Why? What happened suddenly?” I was taken aback because this never happened before, I never met his mom alone.


He too was puzzled, “I don’t know. She said she wanted to discuss something with you.”


“Don’t scare me.”


“Even am scared. She’s not telling me anything.”


“I hope there’s nothing serious.”


I had to disconnect the call as I had to attend a meeting. The entire time I kept pondering why did his mom want to meet me suddenly.


We were about to get married in a few months. Love marriage, much against the wishes of our families, but by now they had all happily agreed and we were together preparing for the big day.


A lot of discussions were already happening between the two families, a difference of culture, opinions, rituals, mindset, but somehow we tried our best to find a solution to everything. He was staying alone in a different city and he knew how difficult it was for me to be physically present in those discussions. He ensured we spoke daily and yes, his calls gave me strength but today his call made me think.


I wrapped up the meeting and immediately went to the cafeteria to speak to him. With a cup of tea in my hand and innumerable thoughts in my mind, I called him up again.


“Are you sure she didn’t tell you anything?”


“No, and she just called up now. She wants to meet you as soon as you are free. She’ll come to your office.”




“I think something urgent has come up. Can you leave early today? Even I can’t wait anymore.”


“I can leave by 5 but why is she coming to my office? Ask her to stay at home, I’ll come there. Or maybe somewhere else.”


“No, she said she won’t take much time. So just wait outside your office and she’ll come and meet you there.”


“What’s going on?” I was stressed with all that was happening around. I badly needed a break. I took a pause and said, “Why aren’t you here? Am missing you so much.”


His tone changed too as he assured, “I know sweetheart. I’ll come soon.”


There are days when you just want to be together, spend an evening with each other and forget everything else. Long-distance relationships are hard, what keeps you going is the longing to meet again.


I left the office as soon as I could and sent him a message. He replied that his mom is already waiting outside. That made me almost rush towards the exit. I looked around, went to the visitor’s parking area, checked outside the premises but couldn’t find her anywhere. I kept looking for her desperately and then I dialled her number to ask her where she was.


Just when she picked up the call, I saw someone in the parking who was absolutely unexpected. It was him!


He parked his bike right before me and winked at me with the most mischievous smile on his face.


I was shocked, surprised and the happiest at that moment. I was still holding the mobile on one hand, where I could hear his mother laugh. This was their plan to surprise me.


Looking at him with my brightest smile, I spoke to his mom over the phone, “So, you knew about his surprise visit.”


She continued to laugh and replied, “Yes, now go and enjoy you two!”


I couldn’t stop smiling as I disconnected the call and sat with him on his bike. That was the best gift I ever received from him.


Sometimes, a surprise visit, from the one you miss the most, at the time when you wished he was there with you, is all you need. Yes, it does wonders. If you haven’t tried this yet, do it now. Take a little effort, pay a visit to your loved ones and witness that genuine happiness you bring to them.




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