“Mom, this is just not done.”

“You don’t poke your nose into everything. We are doing this for your good.”

Shreya was infuriated by what her parents were doing. She tried hard but failed to convince her mom.

Her parents were concerned about her marriage and her maternal uncle was the matchmaker here. In order to achieve successful match-making, he would sometimes use tricks and lies too. According to him, if a lie does good to somebody, then there’s no harm.

This time again there were some glitches and he wanted to get the solution by wrong means. He had also convinced Shreya’s parents and they followed him blindly.

Shreya, on the other hand, was not in favour of beginning a relationship on a false note. Her parents persuaded her to remain quiet and not tell anyone what they were up to.

Rohit and his parents were invited for lunch. The house was decorated with flowers, new curtains and covers. A shining cutlery was placed on the table, her mother cooked everything with great pleasure and Shreya was advised to wear traditional clothes.

Shreya obeyed everything but somewhere within she was not satisfied with all that was happening. Before she could think of anything, they arrived. They had tea and snacks together and then Rohit’s dad said they two should spend some time together. That would help them know each other better.

Everyone agreed, Shreya’s mom whispered her to keep quiet and then they both went to the balcony. Rohit like a gentleman, helped her take a seat. She looked resplendent in the yellow saree. Rohit started talking about the beautiful rose plant they had planted in the balcony. He spoke about his fascination with cars, the current GDP, his neighbour’s pet and how bright the sun was that day. None of his topics had any correlation but he went on and on.

Shreya kept fidgeting with her saree for a while and then said, “You won’t be interested in this marriage anymore when I tell the truth.”



Rohit panicked and asked with fear, “What is it?”

“I am not the right match for you. At least, that is what the horoscope says.”

Rohit gave a confused look.

Shreya continued, “Our horoscopes didn’t match but then, uncle advised my parents to manipulate it and make it a perfect match. They too agreed and then sent you my false horoscope.”

“Really?” Rohit asked with a mischievous smile.

Shreya nodded and said, “Another truth is, I don’t believe in horoscopes but I wanted you to know this because you believe in it.”

Rohit exclaimed, “No! Even I don’t believe in horoscopes. Not even my dad. Only my mom is obsessed about it because she is scared. Truly speaking, even she has no knowledge about all these things.”

Shreya smiled looking at Rohit’s reaction to her revelation.

Rohit took a pause and said, “Even I lied about one thing and I really wanted you to know about it but couldn’t decide when and how to tell you. Now that you have made me comfortable, I can easily say.”

Shreya laughed and asked, “What’s your lie?”

“I mentioned in my details that I don’t smoke and drink but it’s not the truth. I lied because even my parents have no idea about it. If I tell them now they would give a lecture on it. They might even hit me!”

They both laughed together at each other’s silliness.

“Speaking the truth is so relaxing,” Rohit said while looking at her. He couldn’t take off his eyes from Shreya who was having a good laugh at his sorry state.

Shreya too liked his sincerity and was glad to have come out with the truth.

For them, their marriage was already on the cards. How they revealed the truth to their families and what was their reaction is another story!



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