Hold Hands and Fold Clothes

The home is set. Everybody is trained to keep the used clothes in the laundry basket. Even the tiny one does that. The smart washing machine needs no instructions and washes clothes in the best possible way. Even drying clothes doesn’t take much time. The real headache begins when we need to fold the clothes.


Yes, the clothes start piling up. Every household has that chair that silently stays at a corner and bears the load of all the clothes. The nightmare begins when the wardrobe is empty and all the clothes form a mountain elsewhere.


Wish there was a machine too for folding the clothes and there is one but never really saw anyone buying it. The only solution is to fold the clothes immediately after they dry to avoid piling them up.


When we were kids we never really paid attention to these trivial things. Our clothes were always neat, tidy and ready to wear. When you are single and living your life king size, these things don’t even matter. It’s only after you become a parent you realize how much hard work goes behind it. Kids just love to dirty their clothes and that makes them wear a new pair of clothes almost every hour.


When I fold the clothes, most of them are tiny clothes. Sometimes those tiny pair of socks hide in the washing machine itself. To encourage my child to help me fold clothes, I use a trick that works really well. He loves to imitate my every action and he also wants to do it faster than me and come first. When I sit with a pile of clothes, I give him his shorts and shirts and make him sit with me. He observes how I do and then starts folding his share of clothes. Then the competition begins and in no time we finish folding all the clothes.

Watch my video here -


It’s not a headache anymore. We have fun doing this chore together. He now shows interest in folding bedsheets too. The way he struggles with it is adorable. He has learnt the technique and I know very soon he’ll master it.


In my video, you can see the enthusiasm he shows and he loves to help me in everything I do. As a parent, I have learnt that when you make a task fun, your kids take an interest in learning and doing it. By doing it daily, they will also develop a habit. Hope the enthusiasm continues when they grow up. Till then I am assured that my kids will never roll up the clothes and stuff them in their wardrobe.


I appreciate the initiative taken by Ariel and through this, we got an opportunity to share our ideas as well. Last four Sundays turned to Son-days and we loved it. Hope more and more sons are encouraged to share the load and make life easy for the entire family.


Let us all pledge to shun this mindset that household chore is a girl’s job. Let us all join hands in our daily activities and help each other. Together we can make it fun and it’ll be done in the blink of an eye.


‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

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  1. Really interesting and fun-filled post. I liked the way you began and concluded, both at the same energetic note. It is indeed commendable for you to indulge your kid in such a productive manner and even more for him to learn so fast and enjoy it at the same time. Load shared is a better human being prepared.

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