Eleven years of marriage but they still fight like just married couples. Last night they fought again.

All these years of togetherness taught them one thing that they cannot live without each other. So, in the very first year of marriage they decided that whenever they fight, they will continue to communicate through written messages. Sometimes this game would continue for days but it always worked and by the end of it they were again madly in love with each other.

It was a Sunday morning, Sneha woke up to a message placed on Kunal’s pillow.

“Going out for jogging.”

She crumpled the paper and went to make tea for herself. A cup of tea was already waiting for her! Probably he was really sorry for the last night. She placed a message on the table and went to take a shower.

Kunal returned with her favourite sandwich, hot coffee and fries. As he placed the breakfast, he saw the message lying on the table, “Not in a mood to cook.” He smiled and said to himself “I knew already.”

Both had their breakfast together but without uttering a single word. She picked up her dishes and went to the kitchen. He followed with another paper, “I am sorry.”

She crumpled it and threw it in the dustbin, which meant she didn’t accept the sorry.

He placed another paper beside the dishes, “Can we please end this now. It’s ruining our Sunday. Love you.”

She took the paper and wrote behind it, “If you want to end this, do something that will surprise me to the core.”

He kept thinking as she locked herself in their bedroom. She could hear him searching for something in the other room. Sounds of suitcases being searched, banging the cupboard and slamming the drawers. Then she saw a paper slid through the bedroom door, “Ok, I’ll show you something that’ll prove how much I love you but you will also have to do something similar.”

She slid another paper, “Challenge accepted.”

After a while, she came out and saw a box lying on the table with his message on it, “Now your turn.” She opened the box and found a paper glass with a lipstick mark on it. There was another message, “This is from our first date. I was smitten by this lipstick mark and just didn’t feel like throwing away the glass. So, kept it with me for all these years and will continue to keep it forever. Hope this surprised you!”

She was indeed surprised. She had no idea he secretly kept this glass. She wanted to hug him right away but he pretended to sleep in the other room.

She locked herself again and started thinking hard how to surprise him. It was her turn now. Finally, she decided to do something, she wrote her message, placed it beside the box and went out.

Kunal by now had fallen asleep. He woke up in a while and didn’t find her anywhere. He saw the message and picked to read it. Her message was also in a box, he opened it and found her hair clutch with a message, “I don’t need this anymore. Pick me up in an hour from the parlour.”

It took him a while to decode her message and then he realized, she was chopping off her hair! He always wanted her to have short hair but she hated it. Today, after so many years she was fulfilling his wish. He too was surprised and jumped with excitement. He wanted to see how she looked. He couldn’t wait any more, grabbed his car keys and rushed with a big smile to pick up his love.

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