I recently celebrated 1Lakh views of my YouTube channel. Never really dreamt of making it this huge. That is when I thought of penning down the entire journey.

It all started when my hubby gifted me a Keyboard (yes, he’s that thoughtful and I can’t thank him enough) to kill my boredom. I quit my job and was at home taking care of my baby. One afternoon when my baby was fast asleep, I heard a knock at the door. To my surprise, it was a delivery guy with this huge gift pack. Like a child, I opened it immediately and jumped to see what’s inside.

I couldn’t control and plugged it in right away. I played a song after so many years. Thanks to my parents for teaching me music, that is where it all began. I recorded an audio and sent it to my hubby (yes, he gets the first copy of everything I play or write) and that’s how he came to know that the gift is delivered.
Later, I sent the audio to my friends and family and they were all happy. I continued to share such audio files with them and then, one day when I was stuck with a note I searched for it on YouTube. I was surprised to see so many tutorials and channels of similar content. That is when I decided to create my own channel. I then recorded a video and shared with my personal groups. Everybody appreciated and also encouraged my idea to upload it on YouTube. Hesitantly, I uploaded one and it went really well. I was thrilled and motivated to keep my passion on.

Going forward, I recorded my videos and uploaded them without thinking twice. I was the happiest when my subscriber count reached 10. I started receiving comments on how my videos were helping others to learn and they also sent their requests. It was so satisfying to see that complete strangers are benefiting from my channel.

Though, in reality, it was not an easy task. Taking out time from an infant, looking for a time when there would be pin drop silence, recording it without making any mistakes and then finally uploading it on YouTube.

I would wait for my baby to sleep, then silently sneak out of the room, shut the door and plug in my keyboard in the other room. To make the perfect video, I had to practice before recording. Sometimes, the moment I started recording, my baby would wake up crying. Sometimes, just before I finish my recording somebody would make a loud noise outside. Many such reasons delayed my recordings and I could never stick to a strict schedule. What kept me going was my love for music and the appreciation I received from my viewers.

You watch so many videos on YouTube every day, but how many do you like, comment or subscribe? None or maybe just a few. DO IT. For you, it means nothing, but for the creator, it makes a huge difference. There’s a lot of hard work that goes behind every video that is uploaded. Take out some time and appreciate their work.

I hope to create many more such melodious content for my viewers and everybody else who loves my work. Apart from music, I have other plans too to be uploaded soon. So stay tuned and definitely visit my channel today.
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Oh! Yes, you can comment here too if you want me to play a song of your choice. I would try my best to upload it just for YOU!

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