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“What do you do all day?”
“Why did you quit your job?”
“Your MBA is a waste.”
“For the rest of your life you’ll sob.”

“Do you earn any money
By the things you do?”
“Writing and music are hobbies
Not a career to pursue”

“Just for raising kids,
You are sitting at home,
Leave them at daycare
and step out alone”

“Your worth is getting wasted
I feel sorry for you”
“Women always sacrifice
There is nothing new”

“You depend on your husband
What if he leaves you?
You have nowhere to go
What will you do?”

These questions and many more
Are thrown at me,
They are my so called well-wishers
That’s the irony!

They don’t bother to know
How I manage things,
Salary is the validation
Which I don’t bring

So, when I think hard
and begin to sulk
I get positive messages
That too in bulk

“Wow! You are a writer”
“I loved the story you wrote”
“What beautiful music you play”
“Can you please share the note?”

“You are an inspiration
Guide me how to write
I too want to share my opinion
Am afraid if am right”

“What a vibrant channel
You are an amazing YouTuber
I love your DIY videos
You have a bright future”

“How do you manage so many things?”
“When do you get the time?”
“It’s a dream for many
To do something so sublime”

“He’s a star,” the teacher says
“The most disciplined one
He’s my best student
Well done mum”

I smile with pride
and begin to think
How the opinions
Change with a blink

I do things at my own pace
No competition, no race
That makes me a star to some
And for others it’s a waste

Maybe am doing the right thing
By not paying any heed
I don’t have to give an explanation
There is absolutely no need

This is the life I have chosen
I do what I love to do
Yes, there are struggles and pain
That I seldom share with you

I am happy with my life
I write my heart out,
Adding a little music to it
That’s what life is all about

Lots of positivity
Enthusiastic for art
Wearing a smile
That can steal your heart
A little mischievous and lazy
Solitude keeps me busy
Perfectionist to the core
Simplicity I adore
Pour all of the above in a jar
and mix it with some glam
That’s what makes me
The Woman That I Am







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68 thoughts on “The Woman That I Am

  1. Rashi, what you have described is the story of almost every stay at home mom. It is like looking into a mirror when I read your post. Indeed we are judged by everyone for our choices too quickly but no one wants to be in our shoes. Beautifully written

  2. So heartfelt! The poem resonates with every woman, a homemaker or the one who has made the conscious choice of taking a break from their career to devote their time to children and family. It is an inspiration for many to rejoice in their decision and find a path to embark on second inning.
    Very well written.

  3. Omg such a beautiful poetry Rashi and I’m sure many women can relate to it. Neither we need validation nor expert advise, we know our worth and you, dear lady, are doing a fabulous job donning so many hats. Loved every word of it

  4. Wow!wow! Wow! This single poem explained all the pains of every woman who always have to face such questions. I think this should be her choice, not others. Being a homemaker I know this is the toughest task one can even imagine so please respect and give her lots of love and happiness.

    Deepika Mishra

  5. This is so well written. Simple yet splendid. And how well you encapsulated everything. The problem is not giving women the freedom to choose. If at home, why at home…If at work, why at work…Kudos Rashi!

  6. Amazing poem! Every woman can relate to this. Negativity is always there but the one who focuses on his/her enthusiasm and positivity succeeds in life. Let us not get affected by the others judgements and validations.

  7. You have captured the story of a stay at home mom, in so few words. There are so many women who are in two minds, you have expressed their thoughts so well.
    Your poem tells everyone to take the positives and move forward.

  8. Simply brilliant, Rashi! Your words speak for many women who are going through the same and don’t get to voice their thoughts.

    I loved how you ended it with a flourish!
    Pour all of the above in a jar
    and mix it with some glam
    That’s what makes me
    The Woman That I Am

  9. There will always be opinions. Whether you choose to be a stay at home mum even though you are highly qualified….or you choose to work you will still be ridiculed for your home will be in a mess, you won’t always be able to remember which day in school, which homework your child did or not, or which uniform day it was and still you would be ridiculed. And the reciprocal is true as well…for the male who chooses to work from home and support his wife ….the key is to not let anything ever bother you.

  10. A woman can never do what everyone wants! If she works she is slammed and if she stays at home she is judged too. Your poem brings out the agony of stay-at-home moms and the promise that working from home can also be rewarding! Love the ending verse!!

  11. Fully relatable and beautifully penned for all SAHM.
    Loved the last lines that say Pour all of the above in a jar and mix it with some glam… that’s what a superwoman is all about.
    People will say even if you are working or even if not working, they have to say whatever you do.
    It’s how you take life positively with the choices you make.

  12. That was a good start to the #BlogHop. Lovely write up. I would strongly say always feel wonderful and look at your past, present and plan for future . Every day is different and yes every day is different thought you’ll never forget it. Everyday there will be opinions on us – a woman and be proud to be one. Be the woman you want to, be the woman you should be! Be the woman full of love and affection who would surely dominate the negativity around her.

  13. Wow that was a beautiful piece . The rhyming words can be related by many women rather all the women . A woman is multi talented multi tasking but still she is judged by society. Loved the end of the poem . Great Rashi

  14. Such a heartfelt poem. The day started with a warm note of self love. Presently, I am going through a situation like you, and that’s why every words of you resonated with my thoughts. Made me cry, and then to smile at what I am. You are an inspiration. Thanks a lot for this inspirational poem. Love and hugs. More power to you, Di. 🙂

  15. Rashi… Those are the thoughts of almost every stay-at-home mom. So beautifully written and described. What an amazing first read for the blog hop! And the sentiments that ressonate with me are no competition and working at my own pace, and no need to give an explanation.

  16. It is such an honest poem Rashi, straight from the heart..It is also written so beautifully and reflects the real life struggles of a woman.. Women hardly get to choose freely and their life is full of undesirable advisors too..Lovely and lyrical composition..

  17. Loved the poem!! Specially your lines “I don’t have to give an explanation
    There is absolutely no need”. It is one of the rules I live by I feel by giving an explanation for the way you are is an insult to yourself. Hence do what you love at the pace you desire. It is yout life and not your well wishers. 😜😜

  18. Beautiful piece, Rashi. People always feel a need to judge, whether stay-at-home or working moms. Women can apparently never get things right. You indeed do not owe an explanation to anyone. Keep inspiring.

  19. You just slayed it Rashi. Each and every word rings a bell in my ears.. infact in every 2nd lady’s ears.. it speaks the heart of most of us and u did justice to each and every emotion with your powerful words. u are no less than a rockstar. 🙂

  20. I felt like reading about myself. Let the world value the salary. I value the smiles you spread. I value your effort to make us write and being the most wonderful lady and a wonderful host. 🤗🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘😊😊😊😊

  21. Splendid write-up host! You summed it so well Rashi and every woman will echo with your thoughts here. Kuch bhi karo judge to kiye hi jaenge to kyu na man ki hi kare 🙂

  22. This poem is kind of my life story. I relate to it completely. The fulfillment which you get after following your passion and when it gets appreciated there is absolutely no match to it. I somewhere feel we need to support people around us and grow together, hope someday people think about it.

  23. Rashi, the way you have expressed yourself in the form of this poem is so beautiful and endearing. Got to know so much about you. And I loved the rhyming stanzas.
    You are beautiful, in and out. Stay the magic that you are! ❤️

  24. This is the major conflict which keep confuse my mind. What actually should we do? Follow the rules or fly with own Wings…
    Anyways, Rashi dear you expressed so beautifully…
    Keep it up….

  25. Wow!! What a heart-touching poem. I am still scratching my head as what to write and here you write such an inspirational poem that resonates every woman in some or other way. Rashi you don so many caps so perfectly.

  26. You know how much I love reading poems and you’ve totally nailed this one! I especially loved how you brought out the emotions and it is so daym relatable! Just brillaint!

  27. Wow, such splendid poetry, in this poem you explain very beautifully how women face always many pains and sacrifice in their life. But I think women just like a teabag because we can’t tell how strong a woman is until you put in hot water.

  28. Rashi, your post was a mirror for every stay at home and a blogger mom. Reading the first part I felt you were writing about me. Salary is a validation which we don’t get. So so true. Be proud of the choices you make and what you have achieved as a blogger. You are an inspiration for many!! Hope you achieve everything your heart desires!

  29. We women doubt ourselves the most but your post is yet again a reminder that we should have no fears, no worries, no self doubts for this is what we have chosen and we are the best decision makers for ourselves. Nobody can do it better than us.

  30. What a beautiful poem you wrote!!
    Coincidentally I also thought to write a poem for my entry but that is not this good for sure. Love that you carry your own decisions like medals. And no matter what choices we take, some people always have things to say. I am a working mother and I get a different set of comments. So, the best way to face them is smile and move on.

  31. I’m sure every homemaker will relate with these lines. I’ve written about it and yet every time there is a new way to look at it. Loved this post, Rashi. We don’t need validation from people for choosing ourselves or our families over anything else. Just keep doing the awesome work you’re doing!

  32. Rashi, I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts – these are issued faced by all women out there. No matter what we do, we always have to keep proving ourselves. Great idea to shed light on these!

  33. What a beautiful rendition of your thoughts! Absolutely agree – Do what you want to do with your life! That’s what is an empowered woman! Good luck!

  34. Questions will always be thrown at mothers, no matter what they do. Being a stay at home mom has its own sets of challenges and happiness and I am glad you are enjoying all of it. 🙂

  35. Wow Rashi, such a beautiful and relatable poem. This is what most of us have to face. But, in the end it’s about the choices we make, that are best for us, that bring out the best in us❤️❤️.
    You are doing amazing and yes, I know many people long to do the things you do.
    Keep rocking, keep spreading the love💕💕

  36. This is so true. Whenever I used to write earlier, people thought that I iwas crazy and just wasting my time, but now their perception has changed totally. Why is it that something like music or writing cannot be considered as an Art and be respected as a one. I so love your logo

  37. Every word is so true…these invisible thappads as the movie says…but validation is if we sleep at night content and happy! Well articulated..

  38. I read this poem again today because it gives me strength and motivation to put in that extra effort to make a difference, To add that personal value , to be honest and express myself on the blog

  39. “Your worth is getting wasted
    I feel sorry for you”
    “Women always sacrifice
    There is nothing new”

    And this hard as a stone hitting and piercing through the ❤️
    I can relate to every word.

    My worthiness is defined by me
    But these words make us perceive the societal preconditioning

    Love you and loads of love your way Rashi for putting the thoughts

    Just felt, you spoke my heart

  40. What a wonderful poem. You spoke your heart out and this resonates with each one of us. Why we ladies can’t do as we wish. It is our life and we have the right to live as we want. No one has the right to judge us. Loved it.

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