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The Decade that Taught Me – Do What You Love To Do

Last decade was the most roller-coaster one for me. Today, when I sit back and remember, the last decade gave me memorable moments, happy, exciting, sad, beautiful and some were challenging both mentally and physically. All those experiences have only taught me to maintain my calm and be patient. Things will happen at the right time. If it’s taking time, there’s a reason behind it. Dreams do turn into reality.


I entered the decade and my marriage at the same time. Getting married to the love of my life, fighting all odds, made me believe in love even more strongly. Professionally also, this decade began on a rewarding note. My career was at its peak when I joined my dream company, Infosys. I made friends for life. Life was smooth.


Things then started changing, and one fine day I had to quit my job. It wasn’t easy. Life changed and so did I. I fought with my thoughts, and when I didn’t find an answer, I decided to wait and watch and see what life has in store for me.


Soon, we moved to the US, a new place, new lifestyle and the excitement of it made me happy again. I was having the most relaxed time of my life, I didn’t have to wake up to the irritating alarm, I didn’t follow any routine, I ate when I wanted, slept all day, watched all movies I always wanted to watch and spent hours watching the snowflakes fall on the ground. Life blessed me with a never-ending vacation.


After enjoying my time doing nothing at all, I then decided to do all those things for which I never had time before. I started pursuing my hobbies again. I played keyboard after a long time and soon created my own YouTube channel. I started writing again and wrote poems, stories and my motherhood experience. I was then introduced to the world of blogging and created my own space, my website. The very first blog post, that I published on a parenting site, has recently earned me a million views. One of the most cherished dreams came true when I authored books on short-stories and poetries. This decade might see a new one!


Another hobby that I absolutely love to do is to make useful and decorative items by recycling waste. I gifted those items to my friends and family and later also won awards for championing recycling and doing my bit for the environment. People have been consistently asking me to convert it into a business and come up with my own product line. Well, that too, maybe in this decade.


As I enter the new decade, I feel accomplished, content, proud of myself for all the things I did, the sacrifices I made, my contemplation of all the things I am capable of doing and loads of aspirations for the coming days. Things will happen when the right time comes, all you need to do is be patient, put your mind-body-soul to it and even the universe will ensure you achieve it. Just do what you love to do.


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78 thoughts on “The Decade that Taught Me – Do What You Love To Do #DecadeHop #RRxMM

  1. What a decade you had! You are doing amazing and it’s true that if one decides to follow their dreams, there is no stopping back. Here’s to an even more wonderful decade! Thanks for hosting this bloghop. Glad to take part!

  2. What a bright and peppy post! Like a hot cup of adrak chai, when the rain is beating down on your windows.
    It’s challenging to be positive when you’re knee deep in chaos, so kudos on doing that. I hope the next decade brings joy and success in every part of your life!

  3. Wow! What a decade for you! It gave you new ‘Pankh and Parwaaz’. It is amazing to know how a decade could turn your life to a completely new path. Power of reflection! Best wishes for coming decades. Enjoyed reading your write up.

  4. Absolutely loved it!! The way you moved to a new place and worked towards achieving your dreams is just amazing. Loved the positive time in your post. Wishing you many more joys in the coming decade.

  5. What a lovely post to start the day and the hop. Your experience is an example of what happens if we don’t stare at a closed doors for too long. Wishing you the best in all your endeavors.

  6. Moving to a new place and starting life over os a strange yet exhilerating feeling. It was lovely to read about your decade.
    I guess we all grew up in different ways this last decade. You, for kne, had quite a roller coaster ride!
    Best wishes with the business plan—may we hear of your product line soon.


  7. Moving to a new place and starting life over os a strange yet exhilerating feeling. It was lovely to read about your decade.
    I guess we all grew up in different ways this last decade. You, for kne, had quite a roller coaster ride!
    Best wishes with the business plan—may we hear of your product line soon.


  8. You have had an eventful decade. It’s inspiring that you took the move in your stride and instead of sulking started working on your hobbies. May you author more books/more blogs in future.

  9. Hey Rashi…I’ve seen you around and followed you for a while but I guess this blog hop will help me know you better. I’m already a fan of your Razzmatazz with Rashi and have watched all episodes. Wish you great luck. And yes, you did a great job in the last decade!

  10. You are spot on when you say things will happen when the right time comes. None of us are really masters of our fate nor slaves to destiny. Your post has a philosophical bent to it that I really loved. The decade seems to have treated you well and you also have done your best. May the coming decade also be equally fruitful and happy for you.

  11. We women go through this tremendous upheaval in our lives and still take it in our stride. Resilient and flexible we are, aren’t we? Look at where you are now. Kudos! That’s the way to take any challenge head-on. May the next decade lead u to greater heights Rashi. I have to post today 🙂

  12. Quiting your dream job is much challenging . But nothing better if you get another option of pursuing your passion!! Being proud and satisfied of yourself is the meaning of life !! Wishing you the best of life ahead Rashi !! Happy writing !!

  13. What a journey! Changes are not so good always but I am happy for you that you took all the changes positivity and get the success to make your own path to cross all the even and odds. Best wishes for the rest of life, I am sure you will achieve all whatever you want to wish for.

  14. To some extent, my story too, Rashi. When I read such stories I am relieved to know that I’m not alone in this world. It’s always a great thing to hope and that positive thoughts will certainly make things happen.

  15. It was a very honest and lovely post..Your journey was full of ups and downs but it is great to see you follow your dreams..Hope to see all your dreams fulfilled..

  16. Such a beautiful and content journey of a decade. Loved the way you penned it, effortlessly, with a touch of simplicity and honesty. Wishing you all the best for your future endeavours. Lots of love.

  17. Your journey has been indeed a roller coaster ride but the way you turned your shortcomings into your strengths is quite commendable. Kudos to you. Stay strong and three cheers to your achievements. May the next decade turn out to be more successful and peaceful !!Best wishes !

  18. Your last decade had been a great mentor in guiding you on how to deal with the changing phases of life. Congratulations on your achievements and good luck for the future:)

  19. What a lovely post to start off the blog hop, Rashmi. Congrats on all the things that you started in the decade and all the best to all the new possibilities of the new decade. 🙂

  20. Very nice thought, Rashi – ” Do what you love to do and things will fall into their place” ….most of us women have a lot of changes during the 20s decade and quitting job and moving to another country is probably one of the most challenging ones…good that it all worked out well for you!

  21. Loved your positive attitude in handling the changes and making hobbies work for yourself is the best thing that one can aspire to and you have already achieved it. All the best for your future endeavours

  22. Hey Rashi. Your last decade has truly been a roller coaster one as you so rightly said.
    Loved the positive upbeat post on ‘doing what you love to do’!
    Wishing you an even more upbeat decade to come!

  23. Moving to a completely new place and that too a new country all together can sometimes cause people to loose their direction in life and it takes time to adjust to the new place. You did so well!! Feels very encouraging when I read your blog. Following your passion and that too successfully against all odds is exceptional. Really admire you Rashi!!

  24. Wowww!! I loved the way you enjoyed being yourself, it’s a blessing. Often we find ourselves trapped inside the chaos of life and we forget to follow our dreams. Loved that your sacrifices made its worth at all. Best wishes for this decade. 🙂

  25. Congratulations for getting married to your love of life and I wish you both lots of good luck for a forever life together.

    I had to quit my full time job just like you and I know all that you went through during that phase.

    It is wowsome to read that you won awards for championing recycling – this is an idea I strongly support, saving our environment is important.

    Having patience and working towards your goal is never unpaid. Always do what you love.

    Thank you hosting such an amazing blog hop, wishing you lots of success in this decade.

  26. Looks like you had an amazing decade. Just like you found your musical mojo back, I started playing veena again in the last few years and gave my first public performance. So glad to have you join the ranks of writers as well. Good luck for the 2020’s.

  27. That’s a complete movie I must say, moving from west to east, getting married to the love of your life, a job in Infosys and then getting chance to pursue your dreams is awesome. I had seen your DIY crafts and keyboard too, you are great at it. Quitting a job is not easy as I had also gone through it but then finding a positive turnaround is what matters in life. We all love your blog and channel a lot and I wish you a more successful decade to come. I’m glad to participate in your blog hop.

  28. You are doing so.much , I want to know how you manage all this , poetry , YouTube , blogging and now this bloghop . Wow Rashi keep going !! Let’s together have a rocking hop !

  29. If I have to comment on this post in one sentence I would say ‘you had a crispy decade’ . Well, I know you kept it short but it has lot more to it. Afterall its life, not a movie. Happy to know you a bit more 🙂

  30. Great to see you find your passion after quitting your job! Your decade was truly eventful, what with your marriage happening at the same time! Wish you luck for this decade 🙂

  31. Rashi, I loved your positive and inspiring post. We all go through ups and downs, but it is important to stay positive and then when you can do what you love and follow your dreams, the challenges become easy. Heres wishing you a great decade. I am sure you will reach new heights of success. All the best!!

  32. I have always believed that there is a time and place for everything. It is great that you could find the time to follow your hobbies as well as answer the demands of life as and when they arose. Wishing you luck for the decades to come!

  33. This piece gives a big slice of your life and thank you so much for sharing it with a novice like me. I have always felt lost in this virtual world but your post makes me hold the trust and belief in myself. Amidst all the challenegs, you explored your own self and started doing what your heart loved to and that’s the reason you are one accomplished writer and youtuber today. U stand strong because u stand by your heart. Thank u for setting the right example for the newbies like me.. And more power to u for your own full fledged venture of DIY! I will stay tuned to it. 🙂

  34. As someone who has been following the philosophy of ‘there is a time and place for everything’, your post fills me with more hope that good things will happen.
    It is great to see you take time for yourself and do what makes you happy. May all your dreams for this decade come true. 🙂

  35. Wow! More power to you, Rashi. Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith. Such a positive post, in spite of a roller coaster of a decade. Keep inspiring!

  36. Wow! That has been a decade with many accomplishments, and you are entering the new one with all the ideas and things you wanted to do! That’s such a positive post and thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Watching movies… great. Playing the keyboard, writing poems. All bundled into one Rashi Roy!! Be patient is my take away from your post!

  37. I must say you had wonderful decade . You did what you dreamt of and did what you wanted to do . Penning them down brings happiness to me . Thanks for organising hop

  38. Fantabulous,Thanks for organizing this blog hop and I read your journey a woman who never gave up ..she is flying high ..n high..I felt as if it’s my story because I have similarity with yours.Kudos I really appreciate such ladies who comes out of their comfort zone to make something extra ordinary..to
    give herself a mark of dignity.

  39. A happy person finds his/her to live a happy life and enjoy it to the fullest, and you are the person with those rare blessed quality, you find the way of shine , no matter in which field you are, in which country you are, you are really a gem.

  40. This was an extremely encouraging and positive read. Like they say, when one door closes another opens. Guess, God gives us detours in our journey so that we can finally find our true calling, for you am sure it worked as a blessing in disguise. Keep writing and keep creating. God Bless!

  41. What I liked most is that you accepted every change and moved ahead with it. Life rewards people who’re patient and love and appreciate the present. Good to know new things about you, Rashi. Hope the new decade has many new things for you!

  42. “Things will happen when the right time comes, all you need to do is be patient, put your mind-body-soul to it and even the universe will ensure you achieve it. Just do what you love to do.”

    And you said it, things will happen at it’s pace and time.
    Having said, we shouldn’t be putting things in the back burner, we should continuously putboyr effort..

    Enjoyed reading your journey and I so feel that you should think about creating a new line of business.
    Looking forward to reading more..


  43. Your last decade was definitely a roller coaster but you have bloomed where you were planted. You have turned your shortcomings into strength. Loved your inspiring post and good wishes for the next decade.👍

  44. No matter even if you move to a much better place, there will always be some vaccum in your life. Glad that you notonly learnt the keyboard but also starting with your videos on the same.

    Not many people can pick up a hobby or a desire unfulfilled.

  45. It’s always tough to adjust to a new place and you were able to manage your time well with your passion. Good that you found your voice through blogging in the decade gone by.

  46. I am so happy to read your journey this last decade. To be honest, there are very few people who actually get the opportunity to do what they love to do in their lifetime. By god’s grace, you have accomplished so much in your life and the most important thing is you are happy to do this work.
    Kudos to you for all the achievements.


  47. Last decade made swift turns in your life Rashi . I’m genuinely happy to see how you waited for a while before taking reigns. From the day of having a corporate life to leaving it for some reason, moving to a new land, making passion rule, you had it all. Surely the journey wasn’t as easy as you made the readers in a brief but surely it made ways to new roads for next years. God bless!

  48. Loved your post Rashi and as well as your journey too..I could co relate with this so well because I know the experience and challenges of moving to new country. I am glad that you had taken it positively and done something which you love to do. I had seen various creative sides of yours and I admire it so much. wishing you lots of luck and success in upcoming year.

  49. A decade flies by! And it is indeed heartening to know that one has got the opportunity to pursue what one has the passion for. I found it inspiring that you took the changes in your life with gratitude and hope!

  50. Your post reminds me to appreciate all the highs and lows I have had in my life too. It’s been quite a decade for you, what with marriage, dream job, and then giving it up too, moving to US. But how you turned around your life and instead of making it fall into the rut, made it another inspiring example for us to learn from is commendable. Congrats on the achievements and awards you got from the art recycling initiatives. All the best for your own product line and hope it does happen early on in the decade.

  51. Rashi Roy! We connected with Blogchatter 2019 and moved ahead with the process of understanding each other’s work better with ‘Razzmataz with Rashi’. Your journey is what I actually crave in terms of me time and following the dormant dreams. Hope this decade is even more rewarding and fulfilling for you.

  52. Your post somehow reflects my story too (not the part of relocating to US though). The last decade, for me too, was like the tickle of sitting on a roller-coaster. Creating something for your self and doing what you love to do is a blessing. the day you understand the importance of that, you enter an all new world of happiness and self accomplishment. Loved reading your post.

  53. I am glad that the decade gone by was a momentous one. I am glad you could pursue your hobbies, I took a similar step too. I would totally like to know more about your crafts because I like doing it myself and if possible do start your own line. Hope the next decade is an amazing one!

  54. I am glad I connected with you, Rashi and through this post get to know a little more about you and I must say I find our journey’s quite similar. I think you will agree to this after reading my post for this challenge 🙂 Wishing more rewards and accolades to you in the coming years 🙂

  55. That you love, what you are doing is so evident from that 100 watt smile that flashes everytime I tune in to your youtube channel. I have had a similar journey and I feel every word of your post as if it were written for me. Loads of love and luck for future.

  56. I love your positive thought and it’s always inspiring me and indeed wonderful decade and hope to meet all best blogger who helps to make this interesting journey. My best wishes to all bloggers.

  57. Well, your saw a lot of new beginnings in the last decade and wish you success on your future endeavors with the keyboard and recycling. With your recycled product line you are going to make a lot of difference in the world today. Wish you all the very best.

  58. Rashi I love the positivity you exude- both through this post and in real life. Another important feather in your cap is the “Razzmatazz with Rashi” series that became the talk of blogging town, earlier this year! Here’s to another wonderful decade!

  59. What a journey, encouraging and inspiring. There may be many ups and downs but the way you summarised your decade’s journey & the messages you imparted through that makes it even more special. Your writing depicts how strong-headed and a positive person you are, Rashi. Wish you loads of luck, success and happiness in the coming years.

  60. Love the positive vibes and zest coming through every word that you have written. Life is a roller coaster, let aside a decade and it purely depends on how we embrace it! Thanks for sharing your inspiring journey with us.

  61. Loved your journey. I totally understand how it feels in a new country. Have experienced that, But when we make up our mind to start something meaningful and productive and out our mind and soul to it, it never goes wrong.

  62. It’s moved to a new place and new planing towards new dreams, new environment and your positive acceptance everything very amazing.
    Rashi you have more creativity power dear keep going my best regards for you.

  63. I have met you during the time of ebook carnival, you truly are a creative person, have shown some of your YouTube videos also. Your post gives positive vibes to all. And thanks for bringing all of us to together to be a part of this blog hop.

  64. Hey Rashi,

    Here I thought I had commented on all the posts but couldn’t find mine here!

    Anyways, I loved with how much positivity this post is written. When life changed, you adapted and came out stronger! I love your passion for recycling. May you teach greater heights these next decade!

  65. This is the first read of mine in this #decadehop marathon, and wondering if ate the comment up
    I remember submitting.

    More than the event guidelines
    This is an experience you have shared and it’s wonderful to garland the same and love the way you took up your passion element and also provided a stage that is for all of us in this writing marathon .

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