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Take a bowl full of popcorn, a warm cup of coffee, lay back on your couch and just relax.


My idea of relaxation is mostly music. Either I tune in to my favourite songs or I play them on my keyboard. In fact, music is the reason my YouTube channel took birth. Whenever I feel am stressing too much about something, I switch to music. Am blessed that ways that I don’t panic under pressure and I find out some or the other way to divert the brain.


One thing that I completely love to do is to write. Writing at times works as a therapy. It de-clutters the brain and puts everything on paper. Here are a few lines I wrote on loving yourself –


जीवन की सुंदरता तुमसे ही है

ख़ुद का ख़याल रखा करो,

ज़िंदगी के दो पल चुराकर

कभी ख़ुद से भी बातें किया करो


One more –


एकांत में कुछ पल गुज़रो

धुंड लो एक किनारा,

फ़ुर्सत से मुस्कुरा के पूछो

“कैसे हो, क्या हाल है तुम्हारा?”


In a world where everyone is busy achieving something, everyone is rushing towards their goals, take a break, pause the rat race and take out time for yourself.


How about asking a few questions to yourself and am sure as you’ll find out the answers, you’ll also find out what relaxes you the most. Let’s do it.


When was the last time you soaked yourself in the beauty of viewing a sunrise? As the mild rays of the sun break through the darkness at dawn, it awakens the soul within.


When was the last time you held your beloved’s hand and put your heart out through a thousand unspoken words? When you hold someone’s hand, you feel the connect, warm, pure and forever.


Do you wake up without a snooze? If not, give it a try on a holiday. Forget all the morning rush and sleep for as long as you want to.


How about meeting a friend over a cup of coffee? Come out of the chat window and travel to meet a friend. The happiness you’ll see in your friend’s face would be priceless.


Travel a bit more and meet your loved ones, parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and the newborn members of your family. The quality time you spend with them will energize you for a long time.


Do you love reading? If not, you are missing out on something absolutely mesmerizing. Pick up a book today and get completely absorbed in it. Yes, you can refill the bowl of popcorn that you picked up at the beginning!


Go for a short walk. Breathe some fresh air. Feel the rays of the sun falling on your face. Listen to the soulful music that nature plays. Birds chirping, leaves rustling and the breeze giving it a rhythm.


These are the little joys of life that we miss when we are in a rush. Let’s take a break once in a while. Take out time for yourself, talk to yourself, gift yourself something that you always wanted to have, treat yourself with a sumptuous meal, pamper yourself in a spa and most importantly, love yourself and just relax!



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16 thoughts on “Relax!”

  1. Nice one Rashi
    Giving time to Self is very important in this fast-paced life,
    Enjoying the sunrise, the walk, a cup of tea, read a book or spend time with any hobby, one must spend time with self.
    ख़ुद का ख़याल रखा करो, very very important and self-time – एकांत में कुछ पल गुज़ारो
    बहुत जरुरी है अपने साथ बाते करना, खुद से गुफ्तगू कर खुद को समझना
    Thanks for being on #ALPxGUN #BollyExpress

  2. What a brilliant post. You have so beautifully written about something which is so essential and simple, but we all miss out. Sit back and relax. These simple pleasures of life are the most important when it comes to rejuvenating. Thanks for the much needed post and reminder. Happy new year

  3. Self Love is the most important thing. This decade make it priority 🙂
    Amazing one Rashi. Your way of spreading the goodness in the world is trruly unique.
    Keep the wonderful work going.

  4. जीवन की सुंदरता तुमसे ही है

    ख़ुद का ख़याल रखा करो,

    ज़िंदगी के दो पल चुराकर

    कभी ख़ुद से भी बातें किया करो

    Loved this reminder..It is essential to find time for ourselves and absorb simple joys in our life..The simple ways pointed out by your are great. Loved the post..

  5. Sometimes, we miss to cherish the beauty in simple things and keep chasing something fancy. No wonders why our elders were so content and happy even with limited resources. Its mainly because they knew how to love life in its simplest yet purest form.

  6. Perfect post to set a different kind of resolution for the year 2020. Yes I am on my way of finding myself. And over the period of time, I realized nothing is better than loving yourself and your family. Rest everything is momentous.

  7. Well said. Sometimes we just need to sit by ourselves and relax. Self care is the east priority in our lives these days.

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