The more I write the more I get nostalgic for the days gone by. There are so many stories, incidents and things that happened in the past when we were all together, in a small house, in our sweet home. Now, when I scroll through the old albums, I feel we have not taken enough pictures to capture every moment. I wish I had taken more photos of baba. I wish I had stayed a little more in that home with him. He spent his whole life giving us the best and being there whenever we needed him.


I was in 10th when our school decided to take us to Mumbai after our exams. Dhanbad to Mumbai by train meant a long journey and maa was not very amused by the plan. I never went alone anywhere before that and this was like going too far from home. Even though I was going with the whole class and teachers, maa was still very worried. I was adamant to go and we almost argued against it. Baba jumped in and convinced maa and made everything easy for me. Maa’s concern was how would I take care of myself to which baba said that if they never leave me alone, I would never learn to take care of myself. That was the first time I went somewhere without them and that was just the beginning. I am grateful he believed in me and allowed me to spread my wings.


While doing my MBA, I met with an accident, it was a head-on collision and I was injured badly. People present at the accident spot dropped me at a nearby hospital where I almost collapsed. When my parents got the news, they didn’t waste any time and reached Ahmedabad by train where I was staying at that time with my sister. They were both so shocked and scared to see me with a bandage on my head and I was all smiling to see them by my side. They stayed with me and helped me recover completely.


When my sister was expecting her baby, she decided to stay with maa in Dhanbad. On the day of delivery, we were all in the hospital waiting impatiently and praying for her. Welcoming the first baby, the first grandkid was a huge moment for all of us. Maa stayed with my sister in the hospital and baba and I returned home to bring food and other things. Baba quickly entered the kitchen and started cooking. I noticed he used ghee and not oil and when I curiously asked him, he said it is good for my sister’s health and she’ll get back all her strength, oil is of no good. That was a new thing I learned that day and kept wondering how come baba knows everything!


Baba had his unique way of celebrating special days. On our wedding anniversary, he would cook a delicious meal and then watch the wedding video. He did that every year without fail and later we followed him too. It is an absolutely lovely idea and I must tell everyone to watch their wedding videos on their anniversaries. It brings back so many sweet memories and the day is well spent.


Today, I sit alone and remember the good old days and I wish I could get back there one more time. I thank him for leaving behind such beautiful memories, wisdom and stories for us and I pray, that wherever he is, he is happy and doing well.





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5 thoughts on “Y – Yesteryear”

  1. Your Baba was truly special, Rashi! He reminds of my father who passed away when I was 17, but gave me a lifetime of love and laughter. Thank you for writing such beautiful posts!

  2. What a lovely way to celebrate anniversaries. That ghee comment by him made me recall my grandmother who always used to say that ghee does the oiling for our bodies and not ‘oil’ so we must consume it more than oil.

  3. Lovely way to celebrate an anniversary, Rashi..I will remember to do it next time…:) and yes, how much we miss our fathers and all we have are beautiful memories….

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