Dear Baba,

I thought of writing a letter today as I have a zillion more things to tell. Where are you? Hope you are doing well wherever you are. So many things have happened and I couldn’t share any of them with you. Hope this letter reaches you and you get all the updates.

I spent your birthday month writing about you every day. Some memories, poems, stories and wishes, all would go into making a memoir about you. I remember the last time you met your granddaughter you said, she is so small and she won’t remember you. I didn’t know that was the last time she saw you but I will not let your grandkids forget you ever. That’s why this book, so they can keep you close to them and read your stories anytime and every time they miss you. I took a lot of time to write this but I am happy I could complete it.

People say, you are still with us, watching us and blessing us, I don’t deny but if that is true why do I miss you so much. I wish I could sit beside you and talk about everything. I have returned to work and you won’t believe me but I am now a government employee just like you and maa. Maa was so happy and proud when I shared the news with her. It feels great to be working again, after seven long years of a career break. It is also very exhausting and I get so tired by the time I reach home. The office is far and it takes me an hour by train to reach there. Most of the time I fall asleep and maa is worried that I don’t land up in some other station!

I taught a Bengali song to Vyan and Vriha, “Ekla Cholo Re” and they both performed it beautifully on stage during Durga puja. Yes, I went to the puja, am not angry anymore, I know you are with maa Durga and you are happy there. I controlled myself a lot but still cried a bit sitting there. Don’t worry, nobody noticed, all were busy with the preparations and celebrations. Then, in the evening at the cultural function, your grandkids gave a fantastic singing performance and everyone cheered. You would have loved to see them on stage, they looked so cute and sang so well.

One more thing that you would appreciate is your daughters have started a venture and we have named it after you. Do you remember I told you long ago that my friends are suggesting I start selling all the recycled craft items that I make? I have finally taken it up seriously and through this venture, we are raising funds for cancer patients by selling our products. We started it during Durga puja and also made the first sale there. People loved our paintings and we were able to raise some funds. We are selling the products online, it’s going slow but we know it will take time to establish it. We are getting a lot of support from our friends and we also won an award for our business idea. That was an amazing thing to happen and it has given me the confidence to keep going with it.

There’s so much more to tell you and I think I should keep writing letters every month. I feel better. Thank you for everything.



Coming up soon- A Memoir

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7 thoughts on “Z – Zillion More Things to Tell”

  1. Rashi I am running in loss of words to leave my comments here. One such moment when I also cried a lot during puja was in Belur. We travelled to the famous Belur Math and stayed there for three days during puja. Every evening at the time lf the evening arti, I shed my tears. Our unspoken words may come as the tear drops, and we converse with the Divine Mother silently. Lots of love to you Rashi.

  2. Indeed, this will make a wonderful book to cherish not just for the kids, but you too. People don’t die, they leave their physical selves to be with us permanently. This is what I have realised after my Maa’s passing away. So many questions arise in the mind but in the end, we have to accept vidhi ka vidhaan and move on the way they would like us to. That’s the hardest thing about life.

  3. This is such a beautiful way to keep your baba’s memory safe Rashi! I am sure your children will love hearing more of baba and his stories. You should write a letter to your baba, it is a wonderful way to express what you would otherwise have kept hidden.

  4. You took us all on a journey to remember someone who was special to you and you made us all come to admire him. I’m going to miss reading your posts. Keep writing and good luck with the memoir.

  5. Rashi, your posts were all beautiful, but this one is such a fitting finale to them. Your father’s memoir will be a keepsake for your little ones, and for all those who loved your father. We didn’t even know him, but you brought him alive for us all. He must be looking at you from where he is, with pride and love! God bless!

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