Recycle & Reuse - Newspaper to a Photo Frame

Though today’s generation finds reading e-newspaper more convenient, I love the fact that we still have a large bunch of people who continue to read the newspaper in the traditional way. A cup of morning tea in one hand and a newspaper on the other has its own charm and I wish that never fades away.

Ever thought what you can do with those old newspapers that keep piling up? A lot of beautiful things can be made and I’ll be sharing all those ideas in my blog. In this post, I would share with you all, how you can use the old newspapers to make a very decorative photo frame.

Things required – Newspapers, glue, cardboard and a pair of scissors.

Step 1 – Cut the cardboard to give it a shape of a photo frame. You can use a photo to get the actual size. Keep it aside.

Step 2 – Cut the newspaper into equal pieces and roll them to make tubes.

Step 3 – Apply glue and roll the tubes to give them a round shape.

Step 4 – Stick those round pieces to the cardboard to decorate it. To hide the cardboard you can cover it with another newspaper or a decorative paper of your choice.

Insert your best photo in the frame that you made all by yourself. You can also gift it to your loved ones and they will treasure it forever. I have gifted it to some of my dear ones and they loved it.

So, what’s stopping you, grab all the newspapers you have in your home and start decorating.

I’ll be sharing more ideas of recycling and reusing newspapers to make useful and beautiful things that you can use for yourself or gift others.

A video tutorial will be uploaded soon on my YouTube channel but till then you can enjoy some music played by me.

Comment and let me know if you like this idea and also try making one today.

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