I was brought up in a family where we didn’t bother whether a day was good enough to begin something new, never had a horoscope made for newborns and never consulted a priest to make any decision in life. Life was simple. That is one thing I am grateful to have learnt from baba, take it easy. He was a perfectionist and was particular about doing his things but I never saw him panic or worry about anything.


Later in life, I met people who would take certain things very seriously. They would check the time to step out of home, check the day to buy a new thing or sign a document. Maybe, there is nothing wrong with following them but I have noticed that the more you get into such things the more you panic. You wouldn’t stop worrying and would constantly live in the fear of something wrong might happen. It puzzles me more because I was not brought up that way. It ruins your life when these beliefs become an obsession. That is when I thank my parents and I reiterate that ignorance is bliss.


We also had ample superstitions and mostly all of them were just for fun. Like, maa would say, if it rains when there is sunshine, somewhere in the forest a fox must be getting married! Another one was, if a crow sits on your terrace, there’ll be guests that day. If a butterfly sits on you, you will get married. If you see one bird you will have a bad day, so, we would twitch our eyes to get a double view of that bird and it would work. All of these things were done just for fun and we were never made scared of anything. They never stopped us from doing a thing because it was either a Saturday, or an eclipse or we were wearing black or facing South. It was only later in life I came to know that people are scared of these things.


We two sisters got our horoscopes made when my parents started looking for a groom for my sister. That too, because baba was made to believe that a horoscope is a must for marriage, even though he never had one to match with that of maa! Till then we never bothered to even know what is going to happen in our lives in the future. Our brains were not conditioned to believe that a day of the week or a particular colour can be bad. We were taught all colours are beautiful and all days are good. These things don’t affect my life even today and I am thankful I was brought up that way.


This is one thing I would like to do as a parent too. Baba believed, be good, do good and good will happen to you. Be kind, help others, don’t compare, don’t be jealous, work hard, be happy with what you have and life is going to be a paradise. It’s always good to have complete knowledge of a thing, half-knowledge is dangerous and I have seen that with many people. They learn about a thing or two and then relate those things with their day-to-day life, which makes no sense. Instead, one should study in-depth, gain sound knowledge and learn the importance of these things. I have also met such people who have gained proper knowledge and the best thing about them is, that they share their knowledge, they spread awareness but they will never scare you, they will not instil fear in you. Next time, if you hear a person talk about it and end up threatening or warning you, you know what to do, just ignore and take it easy.




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  1. How very true Rashi, Do good and good will happen to you. You baba has definitely given your very good values!

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