Most of the times we throw away the empty boxes that come as a part of the packaging. However, these boxes can be recycled and reused to create something valuable and beautiful.

In this post I’ll share a simple method to convert an empty box to a useful pen/stationery holder.

Things required – Box, a piece of cardboard, cutter, glue, a pair of scissors, decorative tape and stickers, scale and pencil.

Step 1 – With the help of a scale and a pencil, mark the centre point of the box. Mark it on 3 sides.

Step 2 – Cut the 3 sides as marked, with the help of a cutter and then bend the box as shown.

Step 3 – Stick both the sides of the box after you bend it. I have used glue gun here.

Step 4 – Stick a piece of cardboard at the base to make it sturdy.

Step 5 – Use decorative tape to cover the edges and give it a smooth look.

Step 6 – Use some decorative stickers to make it look attractive.

Watch the full YouTube video to get a clear picture. Subscribe to my channel for many more such DIY craft ideas.

Your pen/stationery holder is ready! You can use it for yourself, your kids or even for your office desk. Best is, you can gift this personalized, decorative and useful item to someone and make them feel special.

I hope you try this at home, involve your kids too and they’ll love it. Share with me if you create one.


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56 thoughts on “Recycle & Reuse – Empty Box to a Stationery/Pen Holder”

  1. Recycling is not just the need of the hour but also a responsibility. And with DILs and blogs like this, recycling becomes fun. It’s a great post. I’ll surely trying this one. #diarythatreads

  2. Recycling is a money-saving approach. Everyone should reuse old boxes. Infect not only boxes, but we can also reuse many things if we want.

    These boxes can also be designed for the showcase😊

  3. Recycling and reuse is a great idea. Infact, Hindus are a recycling race. We recycle even souls. Jokes apart, I have seen as a child my parents used to go to market carrying a cloth bag day after day. Then came plastic invasion. Shiny, attractive and used friendly, as they were, we fell in love for it. But with piling up of non degradable waste, we are back to our ugly, and unfashionable cloth bags. Recycle we must. That is linked with our survival.

  4. That’s a nice DIY, It’s the need of the hour to teach our kids about reusing things to REDUCE wastage and conserve nature.
    I always try to REUSE and RECYCLE things in the best possible way.

  5. This is simple, neat and useful. And you have posted it on right time, I need to send a craft project to my daughter’s school ‘best out of waste’ thanks to you, I don’t have to search for anything else.

  6. With so many amazon boxes coming into my home, i feel guilty of throwing them away. Now i know what to do. This is simple and easy. WIll make different ones for his crayons, brushes, pencils etc. Thanks for sharing.

  7. With all the attention being diverted towards saving our planet, recycling becomes all the more important. It is a great craft activity too.

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