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(Story shared by Anand Trivedi)


Yuva Ekta Samiti (YES) is a community which works for Educating & Uniting the society. Based in Anand, they have been working for bringing social harmony in society and restoring peace.


Recently many incidents have taken place due to which social harmony is disturbed. They believe that people from all casts and creed shall come together and work for betterment of country instead of fighting against each other.

They believe that education is the key to this core problem and the weaker sections of society needs to be educated. Keeping that in mind they have launched #LiterateAnand campaign in which volunteers of Yuva Ekta Samiti go to different slum areas and provide free education to them. They have also come up with others initiatives like #HealthyAnand and #UnitedAnand.


They are concentrating on five “S” for the development of kids,

    • संस्कार (Culture)
    • शिक्षण (Education)
    • संस्कृति (Tradition)
    • स्वास्थ्य (Health)
    • स्वावलम्बन (Self-dependence)


Mr. Mayur Suthar, head coordinator, said that initially, kids use to hesitate and parents too had some trust issues. But now, with persistent efforts by their teams, kids themselves are showing interest to come and sit with them for Sunday lessons. After two years of consistent efforts, they have now developed proper Gurukuls to teach the children.


We appreciate their efforts to for bringing a change to the society through education. If you wish to be a part of it, you can contact them at +91 88668 04951


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9 thoughts on “Y – Yuva Ekta Samiti”

  1. Indeed education is the foundation of our society and they are doing a great job in serving society..many congrats Rashi and I had a great time while reading your stories of kindness.

  2. Nice to know there is a group which is actually working for social harmony. It is desperately in required in todays times. Will miss the daily dose of goodness from tomorrow.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

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