Let’s Go Back

Let’s go back to the days so free,
When our world meant just you and me,
Those were the days without worry and stress,
Time spent in peace and quietness

Let’s go back to the morning dew,
To the beginning when everything was new,
Laughing together would make my day,
In silence, you heard what I strived to say

Let’s go back to the picturesque evenings,
A coffee, a corner and talks never-ending,
Watching the moon in the starry nights,
When nothing was wrong, just perfect and right

Let’s go back to the clear blue sky,
When we gave wings to our thoughts and they flew high,
Let’s go back to that musical rain,
Let’s just fall in love again

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10 thoughts on “Let’s Go Back”

  1. Lovely lines. If we only we could go back to the innocent joys of those days!

    I believe we can rediscover at least some of those joys in spite of the inevitable burdens life has imposed on us.

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